New! TP Power TP4060-SVM Sensored 1/8 Brushless Motor for RC Car Castle ESC

TP4060-SVM Sensored 7.6Kw. Faster and powerful than TP4060-CM. The new TP4060-SVM competition sensored motor combines the extreme RPM from CM Motors with the massive torque from its regular version (TP4060). Offering stronger start power and more force through its entire acceleration range. SVM: Competition Sensored motor. 7600W max to 82000RPM. Official TP Power dealer. Designed […]

TP Power TP4030 Brushless 1/8 Motor for RC Car & Boat

TP4030 Motor 3.6Kw. High performance Brushless Motor. 3600W max to 60000RPM. Sealed or vented end cap. Official TP Power dealer. KV and max volt: 8000KV (2S), 6330KV (2S), 5050KV (3S), 4400KV (3S), 3480KV (4S), 2540KV (6S), 2450KV (6S), 2160KV (7S), 2070KV (7S), 1950KV (8S), 1750KV (8S), 1500KV (9S), 1170KV (12S). Amp: check TP4030 chart. Shaft […]

TP Power TP3630 Brushless Motor for RC Boat 1/10 Car Boat EDF

TP3630 Motor 1.8Kw. High Performance Brushless Motor. 1800W max to 60000RPM. Two available diameter shaft: 5 or 3.175mm. Vented or sealed end cap. Official TP Power dealer. KV and max volt: 8000KV (2S), 6530KV (2S), 5500KV (2S), 4400KV (3S), 3600KV (4S), 2750KV (5S), 2450KV (6S), 2070KV (7S), 1750KV (8S). Shaft diameter: 5mm or 3.175mm. Output […]

New! TP Power TP4070-SVM Sensored 1/8 Brushless Motor RC Car Castle ESC

TP4070-SVM Sensored Motor 9.5Kw. 4-Poles Competition Sensored Brushless Motor More torque and power than TP4070-CM Possibility of 176Mph+ on 1/8 on road cars R-Mamba; official TP Power dealer. TP4070-SVM Sensored Motor (choose KV by selector). Available KV and max volt. 2940KV (6S), 2240KV (8S), 1830KV (9S), 1650KV (10S), 1509KV (11S), 1290KV (13S), 1225KV (14S), 1131KV […]