Hobbywing QuicRun Fusion Pro FOC 2-in-1 ESC & Motor System (2300Kv)

The Hobbywing QuicRun Fusion FOC 2300Kv 2-in-1 ESC & Motor System is a unique ground-up design, packed with technology specific for scale trucks and rock crawlers. Integrated design of Hobbywing’s patent technology: The integrated design of the ESC makes the size similar to a 540 motor, and the overall weight is only 209g. This makes […]

Spektrum Firma 2-in-1 Brushless Crawler Motor/ESC 2300Kv SPMXSEM1040B Car Speed

Key Benefits 2-in-1 ESC Motor Combo: Compact option for detailed scale builds where space is limited Advanced Sensored Motor Control: Great for slow speed driving and next level drag brake performance Industry Leading Waterproof Design: The Firma 2-in-1 Brushless Crawler Motor/ESC provides industry leading waterproof and dustproof operation for worry-free driving in mud, sand, snow […]

The QuicRun Fusion Pro 540 2300kv brushless sensory motor has a built-in 60a ESC

If you have any questions, please contact customer service first, do not open disputes easily, thank you! BEC output:switching mode:6V/7.4V, 6A. Motor KV value:2300KV. Motor outer diameter/length:37mm/58mm. Shaft diameter/exposed shaft length:3.175m/16mm. Number of motor poles:4. Power cord:Red-14AWG-330mm1, Black-14AWG-330mm1. ESC own SET key:not supported. LED programming box to adjust the reference:Support. LCD programming box tuning:not supported. […]