TP Power TP5840L 5892mm 1/5 Brushless Motor xmaxx xlx esc caslte leopard max5

S PECIAL E DITION. Proven high efficiencies: >91%. Higher RPM than theirs competitors: >530000RPM. Required for the most demanding applications. Ideal for 1/5 and 1/6 cars up to 10Kg. Available KV: 2050Kv, 1750Kv, 1550Kv, 1370Kv, 1250Kv, 1130Kv or 1040Kv. Volt: 2050Kv(6S), 1750Kv(7S), 1550Kv(8S), 1370Kv(9S), 1250Kv(10S), 1130Kv(11S), 1040Kv(12S). Amps: 2050Kv(396A), 1750Kv(340A), 1550Kv(297A), 1370Kv(264A), 1250Kv(238A), 1130Kv(216A)1040Kv(198A). Output […]